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Author, Strategy Genius, Family Guy and Dog Lover

Chuck Mefford

Chuck Mefford is a brand strategist, national speaker and author of BrandsFormation®, BrandsFormation® for Healthcare and his latest book, Tickle the Toes - Touch The Heart - Change the Mind, hot off the presses!

Chuck doesn’t simply write or speak about branding, he lives it.  He has consulted on branding projects in 41 states and 6 countries.  Whether it’s a business, a college, non-profit, political candidate or a community, Chuck has worked with them all.

He is the founding partner of BrandsFormation®, a national marketing firm, with one goal: help transform  good businesses and organizations in America into great, top-of-mind brands. 

Master Wordsmith, Content Guru, Wizard of Ads, Dad

Johnny Molson

Johnny Molson was born in Chicago and lived throughout the Midwest raised mostly on things made of corn. He began theatre training at 13 and found his way into the backdoor of a Detroit radio station making pretend commercials and doing character voices. He was eventually asked to stop making pretend commercials and start making real ones. This led him to writing and producing ads in Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, and eventually ended up creating ads on every continent on the planet except Australia. Australia has never explained why, but there's still time. He is a marketing strategist with Wizard of Ads in Austin, Texas and consults businesses throughout North America, many realizing double-digit percentage growth.  He has two daughters and lives 6 blocks from Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, Illinois. He tries to be a decent neighbor.

Musician, Jingle Writer, Public Speaker, Teacher

Bill Turpen

Born in Bedford, Indiana in 1964, Bill is a 1982 graduate of Bedford North Lawrence High School where he excelled in music, math and business courses.  As a high school student Bill received the John Phillip Sousa award for outstanding musical performance.  Bill also played in the 1982 Indiana All State Jazz Band under the direction of legendary conductor and composer Dominic Spera.

Bill attended Middle Tennessee State University from 1983-85 studying Mass Communications with an emphasis on Recording Industry Management and also attended Belmont University, Nashville, TN.  Bill played in the Middle Tennessee State University Swing Band for two years as a scholarship student. Bill interned with RCA Records in Nashville in 1987.

While in college Bill honed his musical skills playing in various bands and shows in and around the Nashville area.  His early work experience found him managing record stores, video stores, appliance stores and radio stations. Bill has also continued to play music in various bands and productions as a volunteer as well as a professional.

In 1993 Bill developed Advanced Concepts, Incorporated.   Advanced Concepts is dedicated to providing national quality advertising jingles to local advertisers all over the United States.  Since its inception, Advanced Concepts has developed musical images for well over 6,000 clients nationwide. Advanced Concepts currently has several recording facilities located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Nashville and New York City.  Although focusing largely on local advertisers, Advanced Concepts has developed musical images for many national advertisers including United Way, Famous Dave’s Barbecue, Curves, Cold Stone Creamery and more. The Advanced Concepts team continues to educate itself through classes, workshops, seminars and training.  Bill’s close relationship with industry insiders keeps him on top of the changing world of branding marketing.

Bill is also a public speaker and has presented branding seminars and workshops for clients all over the United States since 2010.  Bill is currently working on his first marketing/branding business book.

Bill resides in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife of 27 years Teri. 

Digital Strategist, Wordsmith, Online Master

Tom Wanek

Entrepreneurship tugging at his heart, Tom Wanek spent eight years growing his successful retail-clothing store and e-commerce business before selling the company in 2008. During this time, Tom met New York Times best-selling author and marketing consultant, Roy H. Williams, who recruited him to join Wizard of Ads partners and follow a common passion: helping owner-operated companies grow their business. 

Tom is a Certified Myers-Briggs® practitioner, as well as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) from the Customer Experience Professionals AssociationTM ( 

Tom authored Currencies That Buy Credibility, the book teaching you how to ac- celerate your credibility to drive more traffic, sales and word-of-mouth. As an ad- junct faculty member of the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas, he co-teaches the branding workshop, “How to Craft the Story of Your Company.” 

Tom is an international speaker, with keynote speeches, presentations and work- shops on accelerating your credibility to win more customers. He maintains a full roster of clients, and has experience growing brands in a variety of product cate- gories for company’s located in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States. 

Tom is joyfully married to his wife Lydia. Together they have two beautiful and brilliant daughters, Olivia and Eva. 

Results: Tom’s work for a medical weight-loss clinic in California resulted in a 142% in- crease in physician referrals, and a 62.8% increase in patient referrals—all with- out spending a single penny on mass media advertising. 

After languishing three consecutive years with declining sales, one HVAC com- pany hired Tom to direct its marketing and advertising efforts. The result: rev- enue grew 54% during the first full year working together. 

An ad written for a jewelry client was responsible for more than $400,000 in sales for a single month.

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